Hopewell Church was constituted in 1866 and named for the community in which it was established. It is believed that the first church housed the Hopewell school and was destroyed by a storm which led to the development of another church house. The second and last church building was erected just North outside of Wynnewood. The church was built with a solid foundation and included a bell tower to house the Hopewell Church Bell.

            As time progressed the beginning generation that started out with Hopewell Church grew old and passed away. The younger generation grew up and moved away; not forgetting the church, but leaving it desolate and vacant. Sometime in the mid 1960’s the church house burned down leaving nothing more than a memory of what use to be. The foundation and steps are still in place and can be seen to this day. Since the church house burned down it has laid dormant up until now.

            Currently the Hopewell Church is being resurrected under the leadership of Pastor Jokori L. Taylor as a sponsorship for community events and activities that will service the whole community; causing Christ-like interaction for all involved. Any additional information regarding Hopewell Church will be gathered and placed appropriately to preserve the historic integrity of the church. Although the original church house is gone, the vision of Hopewell Church is still alive and present. The vision is to service a whole community by meeting various needs throughout time.


Our mission as the current Hopewell Church is:

To be a church whose purpose is to be Christ-like in our daily living by emphasizing total commitment of life, personality, and possessions to the Lordship of Christ.