About Our Leadership


Jokori L. Taylor


Jokori L. Taylor was born and raised in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. He attended Wynnewood public schools and graduated in 2001. He has been the pastor of the historic Hopewell Church since its resurrection in the year of our Lord 2013. He also is the President of Hopewell Church, Inc.

   Pastor Jokori attended various colleges before moving to Fort Worth, Texas and obtaining his Associate’s Degree. Upon the completion of his Bachelor’s Degree program in Healthcare Administration at the University of Phoenix in 2014, he developed a wellness program through the church that has aided people in their spiritual and physical well-being. This program was known for ministering to the whole person and later became known as the Hopewell Church Life Center. The life center ran its course from October 2014 to March 31, 2016.

Pastor Taylor became a licensed minister August 12. 2012 under the leadership of his pastor, Rev. Joe Louis Plunkett Sr. He diligently follows his pastor’s instructions, “that whatever you find good to do, do it!”

Among his achievements, Jokori is the historian of the black history of Wynnewood and surrounding areas from the late 1850’s until now.

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